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About Us

Pathway to Leadership in Urban Schools

In a world that is constantly changing, great school leaders ensure that our schools prepare graduates to live, thrive, and succeed in San Francisco and beyond. Turning this vision into reality isn't easy, but you can play a vital role.

San Francisco Pathway to Leadership in Urban Schools (PLUS) is a leadership support and clear credential induction program created for new assistant principals within San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). Through PLUS, a small cohort of new assistant principals receive personalized leadership coaching and monthly professional development to help new site administrators transition into the assistant principal role in some of the city’s most challenging school environments.

Our goal is to discover the next generation of transformative school leaders from within SFUSD and train them to manage teams of teachers under the mentorship of experienced leadership coaches.  Over the course of an intensive summer training and immersive professional learning throughout the school year, PLUS leaders learn to build strong teams of teachers and create a supportive learning environment where all students graduate from high school with the skills and confidence to achieve their goals in college, a career and life.

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